To me, podcasts are the ideal way to learn more about stuff while you’re driving, working out, walking or even while you’re cooking dinner at home.
They’re easy to get, plentiful and are generally produced by people with real experience in the area. Perhaps best-of-all, they bring in guest speakers who are some of the very best in the field, or represent some of the best marketing platforms out there. So which do I recommend?

Duct Tape Marketing
This one has been around since 2009, so it has not only longevity, but consistency. It breaks down all the confusion in to bite sized chunks. They dwell on the disciplines of SEO, the power of word-of-mouth online (and offline) as well as putting some strategy behind your content online.There’s tonnes of inspiration here from the big names in marketing like Neil Patel and John Lee Dumas. So expect to be motivated and moved.
There are weekly episodes that will keep you going regularly with new info along with evergreen ideas that everyone should be using to get (and stay) going strong.

Internet Marketing Podcast
This tends to lean close to SEO, being produced by a company called “Site Visibility.” However, this is a strength. You get all the usual material about SEO you’d expect from a company that’s been doing it a long time, but you also get guest experts who can take you through recent changes and new techniques. One particularly valuable episode was a recent one where someone from SEMRush (one of my favourite search engine tools) gave some startling info that broke some very ingrained assumptions we have of how search works.

Ask Gary Vee
I don’t personally like the guy, and I find him over-the top, but his info is good – and he has to be the most-followed digital marketing expert on the planet right now. Everyone seems to know who he is and what he’s saying.
If you can see past his very Tony Robbins-esque motivational speaker facade you can pick up some of today’s best info on emerging techniques in digital marketing as Gary challenges some of the biggest myths that people have going in to the game.

Digital Marketing Podcast
Dan and Ciaran are nice, low-key guys who present a well-rounded look at what’s happening in digital marketing trends and techniques. Like all the others in this list (except Gary Vee, because he is all about himself…) these guys interview lots of people in the field to see their findings. They will look at topics are varied as, “Is Twitter Dead?” Selling on social media platforms and even covering more general business topics such as “Growing your business sensibly.”Definitely one of my favourites, but episodes can come in fits and bursts at times.

Social Business Engine
This one, to me, is better for bigger businesses. It’s a little heavy on corporate speak and jargon for me, generally, but gives a good insight on the language and concerns when you are aiming your business at bigger clients. I’m a small business-oriented guy, so a lot of it will go over my head, but there is plenty of value in there for those who want to pitch to bigger clients. There’s plenty of practical advice in there from people who do this stuff in the real world. So you’re not listening to pie-in-the-sky drivel. A valuable listen – but you may need to search for the meanings of some terms along the way.

Naturally, we have our own podcast that is a great daily listen too! And it’s geared especially to digital marketing for a regional Australian audience. We’d love to hear what you think about it.

How to listen?

You can listen to most of these direct at their websites, but the best way to listen to episodes as they come in is on the various podcasting apps. Stitcher is quite easy to use, but doesn’t let you easily add more podcasts than they already have. The free Apple Podcast app on iPhone is pretty essential and very easy to use as well. On Android, Castbox is good and free. Podcast Go is also pretty good.