Right now you have Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to engage with your followers. There’s Eventbrite for your events, and Mailchimp to handle your emails. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just send your email newsletters from Facebook? Well…

I’ve been hearing whispers about this one for a while now but it now looks like it’s coming true. At least in the form of a test.

Imagine if you could just collect email addresses from your Facebook ads with their built-in lead generation pages and actually send your email follow-ups and newsletters directly from Facebook?

That’s what a test version of Facebook was showing for a select group of early testers last week. And while that sounds like something I personally have been wishing for in the world’s second biggest marketing platform, I didn’t actually think it would happen.

While it might be good news for me, who has way too many systems and platforms to be across, it might be such great news for email marketing platforms like Mailchimp, Mailerlite, AWeber and others like them. If you can handle your marketing emails in Facebook, then you probably won’t be needing Mailchimp.

There’s very little detail about the test or what features it includes, but if it’s already being noticed in the wild, then there’s a good chance it’s on it’s way to the rest of us.

Meanwhile it might be just the perfect match for those who are using chatbots right now to add to remarketing campaigns in the Facebook Ads platform and sending their collected email addresses off to Mailchimp.

I’ll keep you updated as we see more of this one appearing on more Ad Accounts.

And a piece of personal news for me this week, I just received confirmation that my Community Trainer contract with Facebook Australia & New Zealand has been renewed for 2020. I’ll be in Sydney in February for the next lot of training and before that, heading to Dubbo, Warren and Condobolin in Western NSW in the last week of November this year for an excellent drought-relief initiative as part of the #buyfromthebush campaign.