Look! I have all the secrets! So book in for this free webinar where you will learn the secrets of how to make a million bucks online, just like I did!

Sounds familiar? That’s because if you’ve ever expressed a desire to do some kind of home or online business anywhere near Google of Facebook, you’ve been as inundated with these ads as much as I have been.
These free webinars are all basically the same thing. You choose a time, you go to a link on a website where a guy pretends that he is live and a whole lot of presentation slides come up. They all generally go on for about an hour or so. They start off telling that they are free and they give you just about enough info to make you think they have something awesome to sell and then they hit you with the hard sell.
The deal is generally on that you can ONLY get by clicking a link today. You can’t get it tomorrow. Or they tell you about one deal for $500 and then another, for just another $200 on top, you’ll get an extra $1000 worth of value.
Most of them sell you a book or an online course – or even “Coaching.”Are they all a scam? Not really. It just depends on what you want or need for your business.But really, if some American guy has to lie to you about being “live” on a webinar, does he really deserve your business? Can you really trust what he has to say? And beyond that, is there any way of talking to someone locally in real life who has done this course and made money out of it?Be wary of all these online webinars. They’re full of hard sell tactics and manipulative hypnotic techniques to convince you to buy something that is out of your budget, but which, at the end of the video, you feel like you simply must have.
I’ve fallen for a few. Clickfunnels. Samcart. And another one that had something to do with making webinars themselves (shudder…)
Just be careful. Do your research. Take your time. You will always be able to get their today-only deal next week. Just watch the webinar again then. Oh… and never sign up to the first offer – chances are they will discount it significantly after you reject it a few times.