This sounds like a funny statement coming from someone who makes money from making websites. But the era of the expensive website is over. And so it should be.

Ask any web developer why they want to charge you $10,000 for a website and they’ll run down a well-rehearsed list of reasons from web hosting costs, software costs, the time it takes to implement the right design and the cost of maintaining the software that runs your website. But unless you’re a huge company expecting millions of visits to your sites, you don’t need any of this. In fact, web hosting for a small business costs me less than $5 per month, the software I use for most websites I build is either free or around $5 a month and just about all the design heavy-lifting these days is done by dragging and dropping elements where you want them and selecting what colours, fonts and styles you want from a selection box. It’s rare that I ever have to drop in code or hand-adjust CSS files to suit a small business.
In 2018, you can achieve a website that looks as professional as any corporate or government website (actually, governement websites generally look horrific) by either doing it yourself or getting someone who does it everyday to throw it together quickly for you. has changed everything when it comes to websites. You can pick your layout, add extra functionality and have it hosted, updated and backed-up for less than $10 a month. Yes. $10. A Month. With no upfront cost. has a similar product that let’s you try out, what I think, is actually an easier-to-use system that is still on millions on websites and gives you an option to upgrade to a hosted and partially managed version for a similar amount. 
Squarespace has been pushing hard in to the busy profesional market with a range of great-looking templates and lots of extra functions that let you put together your own website with little effort.
Wix is probably the best of the ready-hosted DIY website builders and definitely one of my favourites.So there are very few cases where any small to medium business would need to pay $10,000 for a website.
So what are things that your 10K could be better spent on?
Basically, it’s all about marketing.
You can spend about $2,000 a month and get advertising on television, radio, Facebook and Google in Darwin these days with a bit of savvy shopping around and deal-making. $10K would buy you five months of that.
$10,000 would buy you the sides of a few buses in Darwin for a year.
It would buy you a hell of a lot of Google and Facebook advertising over a 12 month period in the Darwin market.
And considering that it can cost as little as $350 a month for a professional to manage your social media,  you can do that for a year and still have change at the end. More than enough to build a new website with someone who isn’t trying to rip you off for thousands.