A Darwin-based media organisation has an upcoming refresh to it’s sales packages and needed a few things to happen as part of the relaunch. And not all of them have to do with anything digital at all! This was a unique challenge for Clickstarter, but we’re not one to shy away from a challenge!

When this organisation approached us to look in to their whole repackaging event, they had a few pieces of the puzzle not yet sorted-out.

  1. They needed an invitation designed for emailing to existing clients and leads
  2. They needed a way to bulk-send potentially hundreds of emails without causing a problem with spam-flagging
  3. They needed some localised digital marketing to business owners to promote the event
  4. They needed some postcard flyers designed for the event for handing out special offers from partner businesses
  5. They needed a digital product to “sweeten the deal”
  6. They needed a host for the event

I’ve known this client for a long time and despite my own admitted lack of graphic design talent, I came up with designs for the invitation and postcards very quickly. I believe that they’re already printed and in my client’s hands right now.But the rest of the brief required a bit of creative thinking;

  1. Set-up of their outbound email from a mail list that is handled via their own website (which I manage already) along with a bulk mailing service to make sure that those emails get to the biggest possible number of inboxes without being pushed off to junk folders.
  2. Digital marketing via two social networks to ensure we reach business owners along with a targeted campaign on LinkedIn to directly reach local decision makers in that market – and yes, those people ARE on LinkedIn!
  3. Formulation of a low-cost, fast rollout and high-margin web, domain, email and digital marketing package that can be sold in parallel with the existing media package without cannibalising the core product (this took a bit of working out and costing, but our client was delighted with the solution we provided!)
  4. And I am flying up to Darwin in early May to present it all to the clients myself as the host for the event and presenter of both the core and digital product.

And yes, despite my apparent “lack of graphics talent” I actually picked up a design job for one of their clients’ upcoming wedding.Goes to show that a little networking, a willingness to go beyond the original brief and an ability to stretch your existing skillset beyond your comfort zone can bring about a very healthy return.