EGG Fitness is a great little concept. It’s the entry-level product of a much larger strategy for my client Graeme Pearce. We have entered in to a strategic partnership to grow his initial Personal Training business on the Gold Coast in to a much broader group of fitness and nutrition enterprises down the track. But I won’t go in to any more detail about that for now!

Graeme was referred to me from another strategic partner who indicated that my background in helping many other small and micro businesses to get off the ground could be useful for him as he had recently relocated from Sydney and needed to establish himself in a new city.There were a few areas of consideration for Graeme as we sat down to talk:

  1. He had seen no result from Google Adwords and felt that PPC campaigns weren’t doing anything for him.
  2. He needed some basic web presence for his Personal Training enterprise so that there was somewhere to point clients to.
  3. He had a business name and several domains already that he wanted to make use of in various ways.
  4. He wanted a cost-effective and low-budget way to get leads he could talk to without spending a fortune.
  5. He wanted a platform to build all this on that was able to scale up, and be able to be integrated in to external tools such as shopping and customer relationship management systems down the track.

But before we could do anthing solutions-wise, I asked a series of probing questions about some of his assumptions about the marketing he was entering, and who his idea clients were. Once we established who they were and worked out what his ultimate end-product was.Now we had some context on what Graeme’s journey was we started breaking everything down in to bite sited chunks with fortnightly catch-ups to keep the momentum going.While the initial website is now live using Joomla as the content management system we’re looking at an end-to-end strategy to get him moving:

  1. Hyper targeted social media advertising
  2. Short bursts of search engine marketing
  3. Multiple small, simple websites that are rapidly-deployed for each business being launched
  4. Contact collection on each site for later email marketing with opt-in compliance
  5. Measureable outcomes via Analytics, Facebook Insights and other measurement tools with other networks
  6. A platform to combine all analytics in to for an overall view of the business
  7. Logo design
  8. Colour palette selection
  9. Layout for DL and postcard flyers
  10. All copywriting for web, social media and print material

I’m looking forward to watching the project unveil itself over the coming months.The initial website is at: