Search Engine Optimisation


2-hour sessions delivered Online over 3 weeks (6 hours)

The fundamentals of search engine optimisation delivered in plain language that is ideal for students entering the digital marketing workforce, small businesses wishing to improve their Google ranking and companies wishing to upskill their marketing teams on how Google and search ranking works.

Who this is for

Students & Graduates

You want industry-ready skills to increase your chances of getting the job you want in marketing.

Industry Professionals

You’re already working in digital marketing and you’re ready to add SEO to your skillset.

Small Business Owners

You are relying more on people being able to find you online, so you want to be more visible.

Course Content

Session 1: Introduction to SEO Fundamentals (SEO2401.1)

Duration: 2 hours
Wednesday July 3, 2024
6pm AEST / 5.30pm ACST / 4pm AWST

1.1 Understanding SEO Basics (SEO2401.11)

  • What is SEO?
  • Importance of SEO for online visibility
  • How search engines work (crawling, indexing, ranking)

1.2 Key Components of SEO (SEO2401.12)

  • On-page SEO: Title tags, meta descriptions, URL optimisation, heading tags, and content creation
  • Off-page SEO: Link building, social media signals, and brand recognition
  • Technical SEO: Site speed, mobile optimisation, HTTPS, robots.txt, and sitemaps

1.3 SEO Tools and Techniques (SEO2401.13)

  • Introduction to popular SEO tools (e.g., Google Analytics, SEMrush, Ahrefs)
  • Conducting keyword research and analysis
  • Creating and optimising sitemaps and robots.txt files

Session 2: Advanced SEO Strategies (SEO2401.2)

Duration: 2 hours
Wednesday July 10, 2024
6pm AEST / 5.30pm ACST / 4pm AWST

2.1 Content Optimisation (SEO2401.21)

  • Creating high-quality, relevant content
  • Importance of user intent and content relevance
  • Video SEO optimisation: Metadata, video sitemaps, and user engagement

2.2 Technical SEO Deep Dive (SEO2401.22)

  • Advanced technical SEO techniques: Structured data, schema markup, and handling duplicate content
  • Addressing common technical issues: 404 errors, redirects, and site audits

2.3 Local SEO (SEO2401.23)

  • Importance of local SEO for businesses
  • Optimising for local search: Google Business, local citations, and reviews

Session 3: SEO in 2024 - The Impact of Generative AI and Search Generative Experience (SEO2401.3)

Duration: 2 hours
Wednesday July 17, 2024
6pm AEST / 5.30pm ACST / 4pm AWST

3.1 Introduction to Generative AI in Search (SEO2401.31)

  • Overview of Google’s Search Generative Engine (SGE) and Generative AI
  • How Generative AI enhances search results with contextual understanding and natural language processing (NLP)

3.2 Changes in SEO Dynamics (SEO2401.32)

  • Impact of AI-generated content on search rankings and user engagement
  • The role of user-generated content (UGC) and its influence on SEO

3.3 Adapting SEO Strategies for 2024 (SEO2401.33)

  • Optimising for AI-driven search: Long-tail keywords, conversational queries, and structured data
  • Enhancing content quality and relevance to meet AI standards
  • Preparing for dynamic search result formats: Rich snippets, interactive content, and AR integration

3.4 Practical Applications and Case Studies (SEO2401.34)

  • Real-world examples of successful SEO strategies in the AI era
  • Hands-on exercises: Optimising content for SGE and Generative AI
  • Q&A session and discussion on future trends in SEO
When is the course being held?

The course is being held over three weeks as follows:

Wednesday, 3rd July 2024 – 6pm AEST / 5.30pm ACST / 4pm AWST

Wednesday, 10th July 2024 – 6pm AEST / 5.30pm ACST / 4pm AWST

Wednesday, 17th July 2024 – 6pm AEST / 5.30pm ACST / 4pm AWST

Do I have to attend all three sessions?

To receive a certificate for each unit and module, you must attend the class for that unit and module.

If you elect to miss any units or modules, you may make them up at another time when the course is held in the future.

What is your refund policy?

Refunds on bookings for this course are available up until 24 hours before the course begins. There are no exceptions to this policy unless authorised by the trainer.

If the course is cancelled by us for any reason, you will be refunded in full for the course, GST and booking fees.

Who is the trainer?

Training is being conducted by highly experienced digital marketer and trainer, Dante St James.

You may see more about Dante on LinkedIn here or on YouTube here.

How does the 2-for-1 deal work?

To get this deal, you must book two people at the same time using the 2-for-1 ticket type at the time of booking.

You will not be able to adjust a single booking to a 2-for-1 booking after a booking is completed.

2-for-1 bookings are subject to the same refund policy as other tickets, however both attendees must cancel in order to receive the full refund. If one cancels, they forfeit their fee.

Does this count as credit towards other courses?

Clickstarter is a private educational business, not a registered training organisation, therefore all units and modules are only recognised within our own educational system and cannot be as RPL credits for VET or University courses.