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Don’t want to build your own website? We hear you.

Websites are hard.

We know they’re not meant to be anymore. We know that everyone says that “WordPress is so easy once you learn it!” But there’s the problem. We’ve been working with WordPress for over a decade, and with building websites since 1996. So it’s not that hard for us. We’ve made thousands of them. But when you’ve never done it before, it’s hard. And that’s actually ok.

You don’t have to do it yourself.

At some point, someone made a decision that everybody should be able to create their own website. It might have been the people at WordPress, or Wix or something like that. But I can guarantee that no one in our office wants to be a plumber. So why would a plumbed be expected to be a web designer?

But should I build my own?

We can’t answer that for you. But we’ve listed a few pros and cons below on building your own website. It might be for you… but it also might not be!

Why you should build your own website

By building it yourself, you learn a new skill. A valuable skill that you can use in other jobs and that you can use to build your own web design business one day if you like.

Building your own website also means that you don’t have to pay a web designer to do it for you. in Australia web designers can be expensive, so doing it yourself can save you a fair bit of money.

There is definitely a sense of control when you build your own website. You know the system. You know how to update it. You know where everything is. You know that you are the one point of control of it.

Why you should NOT build your own website

Let’s face it, most people don’t want to sit at a desk for countless hours learning how to build a website if they don’t have to. If it’s not your job or your passion, why would you put yourself through it all for no real reason?

Even the most talented beginner will do a half-arsed job of their own website if they have to learn how to do it all from the start. You’ll fiddle and fret and get frustrated and you’ll hate that it isn’t perfect and you’ll end up with something you can’t stand the look of.

We don’t just build websites. We train people how to do their own all the time. And the one thing that small businesses tell us all the time when they DIY their website, is that they would never have done it if they knew how long it would take. Most DIY websites cost more in time and lost production than they would have cost to have a pro build it for them.

When you add up the time, lost productivity and cost to your own wellbeing, forcing yourself to learn how to build a website when you really don’t want to, is not the saving you originally thought it might be. But maybe you do want to. Either way, we can help you get started.


Build Your Own Wordpress Site

You can get started yourself for FREE at Wordpress.com. It's where you can have a go at Wordpress for yourself, see if it's for you - and even work out if maybe you could even build your new site on your own!

Sign up, choose your plan, choose a layout and start creating your new website.

Paid plans start from $6 per month (AUD).

Or Let Clickstarter Do It For You

We're not going to lie. If you're not particularly geared towards computers and making things on the internet, then Wordpress comes with a fairly steep learning curve when it comes to building a site yourself.

If you've had a go at doing it yourself - or know that it's not going to be your thing, don't worry! We can do all the heavy-lifting for you and get your new website live within 30 days.

Keep scrolling down for our exclusive Wordpress Packages starting from as little as $2400 to build, and $79 per month to keep it updated and supported.

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