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GSuite by Google Cloud

POP3 and iMap email is unreliable, slow and clunky. Outlook is expensive when you have to bundle it up with Office365. And you don’t want to be that business that has some Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail address do you?

GSuite is Enterprise Grade Email and Office Productivity Software by Google that is inexpensive, simple to administer and can grow 1 person, to thousands!

It’s why more and more businesses are saying Goodbye to Bad Email and moving to GSuite.


What you get with GSuite

Google Mail

This is business grade Gmail with all the features, all the space and all the interconnectivity you’ll really ever need. No servers. No settings. Just log in and go!

Google Calendar

The calendar that just works… everywhere! No clunky synching and no desktop software required. Get it on every device with no need to sync and no hassles.

Google Drive

Get a tonnes of space to store all your business documents, photos, blueprints… whatever! Your files are all available on any device you need them be on.

Google Docs

The word processor for people on the go. Upload docx files, edit them and download to send to Office 365 users. Stay native for seamless document collaboration.

Google Sheets

Spreadsheets have evolved. All the features you need without the bloat and constant software updates. Live update with others and share to anyone.

Google Slides

For on-screen presentations that go everywhere with you. Team up with your Chrome browser for offline ability, or stay online and enjoy the full power of teamwork.

GSuite by Google Cloud also gives you access to a world of other tools, experimental integrations, links and bridges to other software you already use and great tools like:


  • Google Sites – create websites and intranets that are as private or as public as you want them to be.
  • Google Keep – a secure place to save snippets, photos, almost anything that you see online and want to remember.
  • Google Forms – create forms, surveys and quizzes that you can publish online for everyone, or just a private group at your workplace.
  • A range of administration, productivity, insights, reporting and security tools for any size business or enterprise.

Choose a GSuite Plan with us

Prices are quoted in Australian dollars inclusive of GST on a per month basis. Minimum term is 3 months.

Need help migrating from POP3, iMAP, Outlook or Apple Mail?

Frequently asked questions

How is GSuite different to Outlook and Office and 365?

If you’ve only ever used Office and Outlook, you may struggle a little with this new way of handling productivity.

GSuite users move faster through emails, file sharing, attachments and documents. And while it might seem like magic, it’s just a cleaner, leaner, more modern way of doing business than big, slow, clumsy desktop software.

GSuite is 100% cloud based. There is no software to download or update. You just log in and get started. That’s it.

If you use MS Word, then Google Docs is the equivalent.

If you use MS Excel, then Google Sheets is the equivalent.

If you like MS Powerpoint then Google Slides is your new best friend.

If you’re a heavy user of macros and custom formulae then GSuite may be a learning curve, but the average user of MS software should handle GSuite very easily.

Do you charge more than Google?

We charge the same for each level of GSuite as Google does at it’s regular pricing. While they may occasionally run specials and deals, we won’t always have those savings passed on to us.

Though, you can ask and we will do what we can to match Google’s in-house pricing if it changes.

What is the difference between GSuite and free Gmail and Google Apps?
With G Suite, you’ll receive a number of additional business-grade services not included with Google’s free consumer apps. These services include: custom business email @yourcompany, twice the amount of cloud storage across Gmail and Drive, 24/7 phone and email support, 99.9% guaranteed uptime on business email, interoperability with Microsoft Outlook, additional security options like two-step authentication and SSO, and administrative controls for user accounts.
Does Clickstarter support GSuite? Or does Google?

Google is your go-to for any issues and support requests. The help tools in GSuite are excellent, and you can get great 24/7 phone and chat support whenever you need it.

However, if you would like to deal with a local, you can always drop us a line and we’ll see if we can help.

Can I have multiple email addresses pointing to mine?
Yes. A user can have multiple email addresses by creating email aliases such as [email protected] You can add up to 30 email aliases for each user.
Does Docs stop working when I don't have an internet connection?
No. You can keep working on your document offline. When you find a connection , then your updates will be synced to the cloud. This feature is available within a Chrome browser. If you haven’t already, give Chrome a try—it’s free and easy to install.
How does Google keep my information secure and prevent unauthorised access to my data?

G Suite has been built from the ground up to mitigate the unique threats for cloud systems. Google’s standards for performance and reliability apply to businesses, schools and government institutions around the world.

The technology, scale, and agility of our infrastructure bring unique security benefits to our customers. Our vast network of data centers are built with custom-designed servers, that run our own operating system for security and performance. Because Google controls its entire hardware stack, we are able to quickly respond to threats that may emerge.

Google employs dedicated security professionals to work on protecting your data, including some of the world’s foremost experts in computer security. Just like all teams at Google, this team is constantly innovating and making the future more secure, not just for Google’s billions of users, but for business organisations as well.

Google has an outstanding track record of protecting user data. We protect this data from outside intrusions as well as insider threats. In addition, we tightly restrict and monitor any internal access to user data. The small set of employees with access is subject to rigorous authentication measures, detailed logging, and activity scanning to detect inappropriate access via log analysis.

It is this unique combination of people, technology and agility that ensure your data is secure at Google. For more information, check out the G Suite Security Whitepaper.

Can I move all my old calendar events and contacts to Google?

Yes, you can bring your existing email, contacts, and calendar data with you to G Suite. You can migrate the data for yourself and your team members, or you can let your team migrate their own data. G Suite has tools to migrate data from Microsoft® Exchange, Outlook®, or Office 365™, IBM® Notes®, and other email systems. Clickstarter also offers migration services to assist with the process.

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