(Hook) Imagine finding someone who not only loves your products or services but also has a devoted audience that trusts their opinions. That’s the power of an influencer! Instagram is a treasure trove of influencers, but how do you find the right ones in your industry? Let’s unravel this mystery!

(Opener) G’day this is Clickstarter, the Australian Digital Marketing Podcast. I’m Dante St James.

(Tease) Today, we’re talking about finding influencers in your industry on Instagram. We’ll delve into why hashtags are your best friends, the importance of engaging content, and the significance of audience fit. If you’ve been on the hunt for influencers, you’re in for some practical insights!

(Main Content) Firstly, hashtags are like breadcrumbs that can lead you to the influencers in your industry. Look for hashtags relevant to your industry and see who’s using them. I advised a skincare brand to follow industry-specific hashtags, which led them to discover influencers who were already fans of their products!

Next, engaging content is a strong indicator of an influencer’s reach. Check their post interactions and how they engage with their followers. A home décor business I worked with found an influencer who consistently posted high-quality content with high engagement. Their subsequent collaboration boosted the brand’s visibility.

Finally, consider audience fit. An influencer’s audience should align with your target market. An outdoor equipment store I consulted identified an influencer whose audience was outdoor enthusiasts, aligning perfectly with their target market. Their partnership led to a significant increase in the store’s followers and sales.

However, finding the right influencer is like finding the right piece of a puzzle. A great example is the collaboration between Audible and Jesse Driftwood, a storyteller and filmmaker. Their audience, content, and industry alignment resulted in a successful partnership.

(Summary) Finding influencers in your industry on Instagram is about following the breadcrumbs of hashtags, looking for engaging content, and ensuring audience fit. Remember, an influencer is an extension of your brand, and the right influencer can enhance your brand’s visibility and credibility. With these tips, you’re ready to explore the dynamic world of Instagram influencers!