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Understand where you are at and what you need to do with your search engine ranking

Free SEO and Google Rank assessment for Digital Solutions client businesses

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Thanks for attending the recent SEO workshop with me as part of the Australian Government’s Digital Solutions program.

    This free report will help you to better understand your position now on Google and give you a set of clear instructions to follow to improve your position on Google over time.

    The report will look at a number of factors that we learned about in the workshop:

    1. On Page SEO

    2. Off Page SEO

    3. Technical SEO

    4. White Hat SEO

    5. Grey Hat SEO

    Any recommendations I offer will be compliment with both Google policies and the law.

    I hope you get some great value out of it and use the information in it to really lift your search ranking.

    Dante St James

    What the report will cover

    1. You vs Your Competitors

    You’ll see where you compare with your competitors on Google and where they need some work as well.

    2. Technical Requirements

    You’ll see what technical changes you may require along with a clear explanation of what that means – and whether you can do it yourself.


    3. Plain English Fixes

    I’ll explain each of the things you need to do and what you can do to achieve them.

    4. Where to go for help

    I’ll suggest places online and SEO people to refer to on certain tasks that usually require assistance from an expert (including myself via Digital Solutions sessions)

    What to do with your report

    You can use your report to share with your web developer to give them an idea of how they can improve your website’s performance.

    You can also use this report as a way to track your progress against your competitors and see how your improvements are changing your position on Google over time.

    Or use it to hand to an SEO agency or expert who can use it as a starting point for you to get some professional work done on your website.

    Just fill out the form below and your report will be sent to you in about 7 days.