This can be the case with very niche areas such as personal coaches, professional organisers, artists, aromatherapists and services that people aren’t actually don’t seem to be searching for. It can appear like there is no demand for some kinds of businesses, particularly in regional areas where there wouldn’t always appear to be much of a need for what you do. It’s a little different in Sydney and Brisbane, perhaps, where you have a large population of potential customers to get a message out to. But in Dubbo, Port Augusta or Alice Springs, that can be a very different story.

Firstly, more people in your town probably understand what you do and how you work than what you realise. But they may never hav considered that what you do could be of any use to them. They see someone like Kondo Mari and see the amazing work she does decluttering homes and officers, but she doesn’t necessarily answer a problem in that person’s life. They can’t see how to apply her principles to their life. After al she is jetsetting around the world and a famous person now. The people in your town can’t even picture her coming to their town to fix their wardrobe. But it doesn’t mean that they don’t need someone to help them organise their lives.

What they need is someone locally who does that kind of thing, but who offers a solution to a problem that THEY have. They may not want to throw out everything that doesn’t spark joy in their lives. They may just want to organise it, file it, store it or properly display it. So speak to that. Speak to the average person in your town who doesn’t know where to start with organising their mess, or filing their paperwork, or getting that junk storage room under control.

Their problem isn’t a messy room, it’s embarrassment when friends visit and notice that messy room. They actually don’t care about that messy room until someone potentially is judging them about it. So don’t speak to a problem of a messy junk room. Speak to that embarrassment. Speak to that issue where they can never find things that they know they have, when they need them. Or speak to the fact that now that Grandma is coming to live with them, they need that room back, which means that they need a way to deal with all that stuff.

The problem isn’t the mess, it’s what that mess is either causing them in terms of embarrassment – or what it’s stopping them from doing, like moving Grandma in.