Copywriting is hard when you are not used to doing it. It’s why there are whole rooms of copywriters in TV, radio, movies and advertising agencies dedicated to the art of writing words that get results.

But I’m guessing you don’t have access to that kind of resource, so what can you do right here right now to write better caption on your social posts?

First you have to understand that more is never more. While you can type up to 63,206 characters on a Facebook post, the best length to actually get read is between 40 and 80 characters according to a string of studies in the last few years. If someone has to click a link to read more, they probably won’t. On Instagram, while you have up to 2200 characters to get your message across, don’t push it. You’re going to lose people after around 125 characters. LinkedIn is perhaps the only network to buck this trend. You’ll find that if you have something relevant to your audience, then they will glad click to read more if that content helps them learn something new, or leads them to something that will give them a career or business edge.

The best advice I was given about copy was to start out by writing out your post caption before you add the visuals. When we’re taking photos or videos, we tend to be haphazard and just post anything, but when we plan out our posts by writing the captions first, we tend to stick to a plan, be more consistent and get better results from our posts over the long term. Try it for a month and notice how much smoother your social posting experience becomes.

Another strong tip when you’re planning your posts is to see what’s hot on the platform you’re posting on. Seeing what’s trending, introduces you to new themes, memes and hashtags that can really change what you’re posting to reach new audiences with something relevant. But, stay relevant to that theme or hashtag. There’s nothing worse than seeing a wall of hashtagged content that is nothing but ads for network marketing schemes.

Finally, use the so-called “power words” when it’s relevant and appropriate. There are certain words in the English language that draw the eye and get a burst of dopamine to the brain. Words like “you,” “free,” “instantly,” “new,” and “because,” are power words because they make your post all about your audience (not you!) and pique their curiosity.