Yes there is a faster and easier way to write blogs using a question, answer, expand and confirm technique.

But I do have empathy for those who struggle with writing. It’s not the easiest thing to do for many of us. But when you’ve got a website you need to write for, you don’t have much choice but to get to it.

And to get you started, here’s a technique I use for writing a blog posts fast and simply.

First, ask a question about something that you do. This particular podcast started with me asking a question. That question was, “Is there a fast way to writing a blog post.” That becomes the title of my blog post. Easy right? Just ask a question that you get asked a lot in your business. That way you’re probably also answering a question that people are asking on Google.

Next, you answer that question directly. This way someone looking for a quick answer gets it. But they also may want to hear more.

Now it’s the expand part. Take your quick answer and explain it in no more than three points. They could be as simple as:

1. Explaining in just a few sentences why the answer is true. According to articles and referencing guidelines I picked up from the Universities of Adelaide, Swinburne, Charles Darwin and Flinders, your post gets more credibility if you can use this point to reference someone else who has previously made the same point. You can even link back to them for an added touch of credibility and some extra SEO bonus points.

2. This post (or podcast) itself provides an example of writing in this style. Examples of how you product or service has worked are powerful ways to communicate how to use what you sell. Simply listing features doesn’t allow the reader to imagine how to use your information in their own life.

3. And finally, because I know that you are wanting to write better blog posts, faster and easier than you previously have, personalise what you’re writing just for the reader. Show that you know your target customers by speaking directly to them in one of your points. This way you’re forming a connection directly with them, rather than just being some remote ghostwriter out there in the world wide web.

Now that you’ve asked the question, answered it and expanded on the answer, you confirm your original answer.

There’s no great complexity required when it comes to writing for both SEO and a real live audience. You just need a system. You can write articles and blog posts faster when you just remember those steps:

  1. Ask a question
  2. Answer it immediately
  3. Expand in no more than three points on that answer
  4. Confirm your original answer.