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LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is #1 for professionals because it’s where the professionals can block out the distractions to really connect and learn with other professionals.

And it’s also the place for business to introduce themselves to other businesses. This is where LinkedIn truly shines.

We’ve been working with the LinkedIn ads platform since it started. It’s come a long way since the early days, and now it’s proving to be an valuable lead generator for us. Which means it’s a great place for you too!


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Prices are quoted in Australian dollars inclusive of GST on a per month basis. Minimum term is 3 months.

LinkedIn Ads are for you if…

1. B2B = Thumbs Up!

If you’re selling mostly to businesses, then LinkedIn is a great place to reach local businesses. It’s where business owners and decision makers connect and learn from others.

2. Be present. Be active.

It makes sense that if you’re advertising on LinkedIn, that you and your business are active on LinkedIn. It’s the first place that potential clients will look when they want to learn about you.

3. Tread gently.

Going in hard and straight for the sale is not just dumb, it’s rude. It’s LinkedIn. Not Tinder. So use the platform as an opportunity to connect with those who enquire. Be informative. Not pushy.

4. Have a long-term plan.

While there might be businesses on LinkedIn, they are not there primarily to buy. They are there to learn and connect. So have a plan to grow your brand over time. Not overnight.

Frequently asked questions

How are LinkedIn Ads different to Facebook & Google Ads?

LinkedIn Ads are quite a lot like Facebook ads. You can target them to specific kinds of people in specific places, but the ability to target the kind of employee or business is much tighter in LinkedIn than in Facebook. Think of Facebook as the place where you reach consumers, and LinkedIn as a place to reach businesses.

Like Facebook Ads. LinkedIn Ads work much earlier in the customer journey than Google Ads do. You have the chance in LinkedIn to introduce yourself to the client a long time before they are in a position to buy from you. This way you can be the first in your industry to connect with them, then follow them a long the journey toward Consideration (where they do want what you sell) to Conversion (where they choose to buy that thing from you.)

Google Ads, on the other, form the lower part of the customer “funnel.” They are invaluable for connecting a customer with you right at the point that they are on their way to making a decision on who to buy from.


How much should I spend on LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn ads are, on a per-click basis, more expensive than Facebook ads, but less expensive (on average) than Google ads.

The reason for this is that the number of users of LinkedIn is much, much lower than either Facebook or Google, but the cost-per-unit of what is being sold on LinkedIn is usually much higher. You won’t see a lot of cheap jewellery and gadget ads on LinkedIn because the LinkedIn audience tends to value quality and service more than the Facebook audience (who tend to value the lowest prices, convenience and lots of options at that low price point.)

Where many Facebook advertisers aim to keep their per-click rate under $1, LinkedIn advertisers will often be trying to keep their per-click rate under $30 as what they are selling is a lot more expensive than what’s being sold on Facebook. And of course there are exceptions. If you’re selling a $20,000 pool on Facebook, even a $100 per click rate doesn’t seem so bad.

Our suggestion is that you start at no lower than $400 per month on LinkedIn to reach a big enough audience to nurture over time. Our own starting rate is $550 per month.

Isn't LinkedIn just a giant resume bank?

Once upon a time LinkedIn was a very spammy, very recruitment-driven place full of people looking for jobs and recruiters looking to place people.

That has chanaged significantly since 2014. LinkedIn has transformed itself in to a front page lof the internet for professionals. Not only do you follow a feed of the people you follow, but you can read news, learn from the best in your field and even takeĀ  certified courses through the LinkedIn Learning platform. LinkedIn has become a powerhouse for professional connection – despite the number of social media marketers are trying to turn it on to a popularity-fest!

How do I stand out on LinkedIn?

Like anywhere in life, you can blend in, or stand out. Early in the client’s towards you, you can be that individual or business that just subtly appears in their feed with something amusing, inspirational or informative. Nothing too heavy. But, that might not be you. You might be the person who like to put their face in front of the camera, talk to people directly, and become an influencer. That’s great too! There is plenty of room online for the introvert and the extrovert.

Just take the time to decide:

1. Do I want my business to stand out… or me to stand out?

2. Do I want to build a following to sell to? Or would I rather take a slower journey towards selloing based on merit and not charisma?

3. Am I willing to monitor comments, answer inbox messages and build rapport online? Or would I rather just send people to a website or an automated process to handle my enquiries?

Standing out on LinkedIn means taking a look through your LinkedIn feed and avoiding the stuff that just blends in to the background, like…

1. Photos of conference rooms

2. Photos of groups of smiling businesspeople

3. Inspirational quotes written on Canva graphic backgrounds

4. Photos of expo and trade show stands (no one is impressed by them!)

5. And any photo taken of people in front of pull-up banners.

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