Professional LinkedIn Content Creation & Ghostwriting for busy professionals.

You already know that LinkedIn is a lead-generating machine, but you don’t have time to build the content that it takes to get people to notice you, like you and trust you enough to take that next step to buy from you.

Do what our various clients are already doing – hand over your LinkedIn content and engagement to us.

Get your time back from $250 + GST per week.


LinkedIn Ghostwriting Service

Content creation and engagement are essential in today’s marketing. But who do you have in-house to do this kind of work?

Writing content for LinkedIn isn’t easy. In fact, most professionals and business owners find it quite difficult. What most people don’t know, is that it is very common for those professionals to have their profiles and company pages over to people like us.

And it makes sense. We’ve managed to bring millions of views to our clients’ content and engage with followers dozens of times each week. That’s because we know how LinkedIn works, how it’s used to grow an audience and how to convert audiences in to clients.

What’s included with this?

Time with us

  • We’ll spend time discovering your values, topic themes and style of communications
  • We’ll build both the post topics and graphics live with you
  • If you’re in Darwin, we’ll do it in person – if you’re elsewhere we’ll do it live on Zoom/Team/Meet

The posts & schedule

  • 3 posts per week over 13 weeks – 39 quality relevant posts
  • Your posts are scheduled in Sociamonials, our preferred system for scheduling posts. It’s a once-off purchase with no subscription.
  • We will also publish a weekly article in your area of expertise to LinkedIn.

$250 + GST per week

  • Minimum term 3 months
  • Does not include Sociamonials
  • You can stop the schedule at any time you need to
  • A $500 set-up fee is also required at the beginning to cover the time spent on your sample posts, briefing and article writing.

How it all works

1. The Brief

We’ll meet with you to discuss your values, topics and tone of voice along with getting examples of how you like your posts to be. We’ll run you through the process and how it works.

2. Sample Posts

We’ll send you through a week’s worth of sample posts for you to assess to make sure that it fits what you had in mind for your profile or company page. You tell us what you think. 


3. Getting started

We get access to your LinkedIn profile and company pages from you. And we provide you will a schedule of what kinds of posts are expected for the three months.

4. Let's Go!

Once you’ve agreed, we will invoice you for the initial setup fee of $500 + GST and then the first four weeks of content ($1000 + GST) and once payment is received, the posts start!

Frequently Asked Questions about our Social Media approach

Do you only post to LinkedIn?

While these posts are designed for LinkedIn, they can also be posted to Facebook and Instagram.

Some posts can be added to X (formerly Twitter) as well but must fit within the 280-character limit.

In some cases we can also post to Threads and Mastodon, however this will incur an additional $50 a week fee as it requires a different system to provide these networks.

What access do we need to your social accounts?

We will need:

  • Be added to your Facebook Business Manager so we can post to both Facebook and Instagram
  • Your X (Twitter) account login (if used)
  • Your Linked In profile login (if posting to profile)
  • Admin access to your LinkedIn Company page
  • Your login to Mastodon and Threads (if used)
Can't I just do all this myself?

You sure can! And we encourage you to do it to save money if you think you have got enough time to work it out all for yourself.

We’ve found that our clients will save around 4 hours of work per week on their social media when they do it with us.

How much is 4 hours at your current hourly rate?

Will you repeat posts?

We may repeat some post content, but not within three months. And this is only if there is a very successful past post that we feel could use another run with a new audience. Even if we do repeat a post, it won’t be copied exactly from the first version and will be rewritten.

Can I pay for this in installments?

Yes, we have arrangements with SelectPay which offers to split your payments into 4 easy payments over 4 months for at 5%. Ask when you talk to us and we will assist you with this. This will only apply for the initial payment of $1500 + GST though. Regular 4-week payments will need to be paid in full ahead of the posting period.

Can I get a grant to pay for this?

The NT Government offers a Business Growth Program grant that will pay for up to 75% of your social media strategy. Although it won’t over your content, it may cover the initial setup and schedule. You must use an approved provider on the program’s panel. We are part of this panel.

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