New Training
units for 2024

We’ve been working a new menu of skills training that’s ready to go in 2024.

Featuring new training on LinkedIn, ChatGPT, Capcut, Claude AI, and alternative AI tools like Perplexity and more.

See our list of new training available below.

New Digital Skills courses in 2024

In-Person & Live Online Classes Available

See the range of training that can be delivered both in-person and live online. Want to know more? Book a free 15-minute consultation or email [email protected].

Social Media & Digital Marketing

AI Writing Tools

  • ChatGPT 4
  • GPT creation in ChatGPT
  • Google Gemini Basics
  • PerplexityAI
  • NeuronWriter for SEO


  • Profile Optimisation for Students
  • Profile Optimisation for Professionals
  • Content Creation for Linked (2024)
  • Thought Leadership on LinkedIn

X, Threads & Mastodon

  • Setting up your new platform
  • Generating content quickly
  • Audience Growth Academy
  • Monetisation of your audience

Corporate & Professional Skills

Start-Ups & Scale-Ups

  • Design Thinking for Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship 2024
  • Business Model Development
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Lean Canvas
  • Empathy Mapping for Start-Ups

Northern Territory

  • Starting a new business in the NT
  • Venture Capital in the NT
  • Grants & Funding in the NT
  • Networking for Business Groth in the NT

Sales & Marketing

  • Sales copywriting for eCommerce
  • Sales copywriting for websites
  • Sales copywriting for services
  • Personal Branding for Solopreneurs
  • Personal Branding for Employees

Miscellaneous Training


  • Social Media for Government Agencies
  • Effective Crisis Communications

Public Speaking

  • Public Speaking Basics
  • Better Presentations
  • Planing a Speech
  • Handling Nerves before speaking
  • Authentic storytelling

Male Founders

  • Working with Women
  • Working with LGBTIQA+
  • Working with the Neurodiverse
  • Delegation & Collaboration
  • Breaking Work Habits
  • Being a Better Leader

All classes can be contextualised to your business or industry.

And if there’s a digital skill you want to learn that’s not here we can connect you with an expert who can help. Want to know more? Book a free 15-minute consultation or email [email protected].