If you’re posting stuff on Facebook and want to be serious about it you need to understand three basic bits.

  1. Sorry mate, but practically no one is gonna see what you’re posting. The digital marketing tossers call it “the collapse of organic reach.” I call it “Facebook wants to make more money and is not giving business a free ride anymore.”
  2. I can 99% guarantee that most of what you’re posting is rubbish. “We’re open today from 9!” or “Look at our wacky staff in this wacky boomerang instagram animation” or “We won an award, look how awesome we are.” Unless you’re a celebrity, no one gives a toss about awards, your staff or the fact that you, shock-horror, happen to be open during business hours.
  3. You don’t have a “right” for your followers to see everything you post. Facebook isn’t your place. It’s Facebook’s place and they can do whatever they want about restricting how many people see your posts.

Wanna cut through more? Do these things:

  1. Unless you were a pioneer of video content on Facebook in 2008, you’ve missed the boat on being Facebook Famous. So there’s gonna be no way to get yourself from zero to 5 million followers quickly. You’re gonna have to work for it. For months. Years. WIth loads of good stuff delivered consistently. Every day. Every week. Keep doing it. Anyone selling you tricks and shortcuts is shitting in your hand and calling it a cupcake.
  2. It sounds cliche, but… be real. Be normal. Be a person who is wanting to have conversations. If you don’t’ like talking to people and don’t want to spend time chatting with potential customers on Facebook Messenger then pull up your stumps, pack away your bat and your ball and bugger off home and think of something else to do. Business is probably not gonna be your thing.
  3. Stop trying to sell something in every post. Flooding your friends and family with “buy this”, “I love these products” and “quick get this special deal” makes you no better than any network marketer trying to sell you their protein powder, face masks, vitamins and washing detergent at inflated prices so you can get rich and buy a yacht and live a life of “financial freedom” – you know, that life that they are not living. Calm the hell down and connect, converse and stop being a screaming banshee that everyone ends up muting out of their feeds.