Remember a time when you could only book travel through a travel agent or by going into an airline office to get a physical paper ticket? Believe it or not, but all this was only 30 years ago.

As the internet took off, one of the first casualties was the physical travel agency or airline booking office. Now we don’t think twice about going to an airline website or comparing airfares via aggregators like Webjet, Skyscanner or Expedia. The process got simpler and saved us time.

In your business, the thing you’re generally always running short of, especially when times are good, is time. Time to do all the things you’d like to, or simply must do.

So anything that gives you back time can be a lifesaver.

Today’s software and online tools are designed to streamline your processes and save tonnes of time.

For example, Google Gmail and GSuite products, when used together can not only schedule your meetings in Google Calendar and recognise more bookings coming in to your email inbox, but they can work in with Google Maps to even let you know when you need to leave for that meeting, and adjust that leaving time to make allowances for traffic, road closures and even natural occurrences like rain, flooding and snow.

Using tools like If This Then That and Zapier along with some of your existing business systems for scheduling, Customer Relationship Management and Finance, can automate some of the most time-consuming and repetitive tasks in your day, often saving hours each week that you’d otherwise spend manually entering data or reviewing documents and entering them in to a customer’s notes.

One massive time-saver comes in the form of simply changing how you take meetings with clients. If you’re someone who hops in the car to meet with clients, you can buy back hours of your time by simply having clients come to your office. Quite often, they’re happy to do it, and relish the opportunity to get out of their office for a while. Incentivise them to come to you by making sure you’ve got access to great coffee, snacks and light meals. Be that office that clients love to visit! And save potentially hours every week travelling from shop to shop and office to office.