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SEO & Google Ranking

SEO is hard and it takes time to show results. And anyone who tries selling you quick results is pretty much is ripping you off.

Our approach to SEO is methodical and ethical. There’s no use getting you ranking high one day on Google, only to be penalised the next because we’ve been caught cheating.

We use 2 world-leading AI & Machine Learning engines that guide us to where we can get the best result for the least amount of time, and we then set about manually applying those changes on your site and across the internet. The result is a steady climb up the rankings that you can see as soon a one month in.


At the end of 2018, I was looking at shutting the doors from a lack of work. I was recommended Clickstarter by a mate who had a good result for his strucutrual engineering firm and now at the end of 2019 I am having to subcontract all the excess work out to competitors.

Gary McGinn

Bynoe Drilling Contractors

How this whole SEO thing works.

SEO clearly works. Clickstarter gave me an initial local SEO boost by helping me appear in more searches closer to town. This was then given another boost by rewriting the content on the site to fit what people were searching for. Even after I took a long break from work, I am still ranking at the top for everything I want to rank for and beating the big national firms.

Michael Cooper

Owner, NT Consulting Engineers

On Page SEO

This is all about making sure that the content of your pages, the titles and descriptions of your site and the frequency of updates to content of your site match what people are looking for.

Off Page SEO

This type of SEO covers off links back to your website from other places. It includes links from websites, forums, social media, citations in government and scholarly articles and more.

Technical SEO

This is where Google looks for how fast your pages load, how easy your site is to navigate and whether your site is optimised for mobile use. The faster and lighter your site, the higher you’ll rank.

Local SEO

This is where your GoogleMyBusiness, Apple Maps, Bing Places, Yelp and other local profiles come in to play. Are they all up-to-date, showing the same info and full of photos, videos and useful info?

Reputational SEO

You know all those reviews, recommendations and ratings you’ve been getting? This is where they get valuable. Even bad reviews help you rank better.

Voice SEO

The new kid on the block thanks to all those Amazon Echos and Google Home devices. Search on voice is different to regular search. And will represent around 40% of all search by the end of 2020.

Your first steps towards better ranking on Google

1. Where you stand now

You can get your own SEO site checkup via the button below, or  email [email protected] and we’ll run it for you and send recommendations to improve your ranking on Google.

2. Recommendations

There are literally hundreds of factors that contribute to your ranking on Google. We work with them all. From technical improvements to on-page changes, we tell you what’s needed.

3. Research

Once you engage us, we then research all the keywords and search phrases that are used to find businesses that do what you do and compare that with your competitors’ results.

4. Execute

Finally we execute the plan after giving you an easy-to-understand outline on what we’ll do, when you can expect to see results and how we plan to make changes along the way.

Choose an SEO plan to suit your budget

Frequently asked questions

Does SEO actually work?

Our experience has been that SEO is very effective at longer-term lead generation and increased sales. It works on the principal of being found first. It’s not the easiest way to be found. It’s not the cheapest way to be found. But it is the most effective long-term way to ensure that when customers look for what you do, they find you.

Like any marketing activity, despite all the experitise and hard work in the world, there are no guarantees that SEO will be what works for you. But while there are no guarantees, we do everything we can to ensure that it does work for you.

Why is SEO work so expensive?

It’s a time-consuming task that takes a team of our people to work on. Whether you’re looking at a once off camapign with us, or an ongoing monthly engagement, there is no shortcut to better ranking on Google. You need to do the right thing, the ethical way and keep on doing it.

True SEO is not a once-off thing, though there are things we can do once to help increase your ranking.

If it was easy and cheap, then everyone would be doing it, and no one would rank any better than anyone else.

What's the difference between SEO and Google Ads?

Over 80% of searches skip straight past the ads on Google and go straight to the “organic” results. That’s because they are the most trusted results. They’re the results that we think “deserve to be there because they are the best.”

Paid Ads on Google are a way of skipping the hard work of SEO and heading straight to the top of the page. For the less than 15% of searchers who click on those results, this is a valuable tool. For the rest of us, achieving a better rank on Google naturally or “organically” is a better and far more long-term value option.

Does SEO work on Google also help ranking on Bing and other search engines?

Yes. Most SEO work is just good internet citizenship. It’s about reaching out and getting a good reputaiton by doing good work, offering good information and playing by the rules.

Most of the techniques that work for SEO in Google will have a beneficial effect on your ranking on Bing and other search engines.