My first piece of advice when writing a blog is don’t. At least not unless you’re willing to put some work in and learn how to A: write and B: learn to write for robots as well as people.

Everyone tends to automatically advise businesses to write a blog. They give vague reasons around SEO, but honestly, if every business in your industry is writing a blog, it’s kinda pointless. There will always be someone who spends more on their blog and has a better writer than you. The reason why I write a blog is authority. It’s my way of showing that I am not just some web page with a bunch of stuff I sell. I kinda know my stuff. I know what I am talking about and have some experience in it. It’s me saying, “Oi. I know some stuff, and if you want to know more about that stuff, then take a minute and let me tell you what I know.” Why do people read Richard Branson’s blog and buy his books? Because he’s successful and has some authority about making money and building a lifestyle around having that money. If you want to buy an island and be surrounded by supermodels then he’s a good bloke to aspire to. If you’re a bit like me and can’t relate to the lifestyles of the rich and famous and have no desire to be Richard Branson, then you tend to find yourself looking across, rather than up, to people you think have a few good qualities. So that’s why I follow the blogs I follow. They are usually be people who are good at stuff I want to be good at. They know some stuff I don’t and they are generally pretty salt-of-the-earth, potty-mouthed realists like me. This is why you write a blog. Because someone out there will relate to you and connect with what you have to say. And let’s face it everyone wants to get something for free that they can try to do themselves. That’s what blogs are. They are a taste of what you know that someone can try… and then fail at… so that they then can come to you to smash it home for them like the pro you are.So write a blog, or don’t write a blog. I don’t care. Will it fix your SEO woes? Probs not. But it might make you at least look like you know your stuff. And if you’re a small player up against big players, then that could be gold.