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Every member of our social media management team is trained by a Certified Facebook Australia & New Zealand Community Trainer and Digital Marketing Associate. This means you get the latest approaches that work within the Facebook, Instagram and Messenger rules. Then we add in over 6 years of experience managing businesses on LinkedIn and even work with Twitter to make sure you’re covering all the bases.

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Frequently asked questions

Why are you so expensive? I can get a freelancer for much less.

Most social media freelancers are pricing themselves at an unsustainable level because they are inexperienced or trying to build a portfolio. They can’t make a living off what they are charging their clients and will, sooner or later, shut down or just stop working for you. Others are based offshore and therefore don’t have to deal with the Aussie cost of living (and don’t have to abide by Australian consumer laws, for that matter.)

We encourage you to shop around and see what is the best approach for your business. We may even know of a few reputable social media freelancers that we would happily use, who may be able to help you out.

In addition, you might have noticed that we hold a lot of certifications with Facebook. These took hard work to gain, and mean that we need to work to a certain standard to maintain our accreditations with them. That means we have to ensure that each client is treated appropriately, fairly and professionally. Unlike a freelancer, we can’t just switch you off if things get a little difficult, or just stop answering your messages.

Which means that, with Clickstarter, you have peace of mind that we won’t be here today and gone tomorrow.

Can you post to all four networks?

Yes we can. Just add an additional $50 per month on top of any of these packages and we’ll add in the fourth network for you as well.

Can you post to Pinterest or YouTube?

Yes we can. We just don’t get asked to do it very often. Just fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we can craft a custom package just for your business if you need us to post to a different network that the ones we’ve included in our packages.

Can you boost posts for us?

Yes we can. Though we don’t recommend boosting as it’s the most expensive and least effective form of advertising on the Facebook platform.

You can actually boost the posts we place for you, whenever you like, or you can just let us know how much you would like to spend on the boost, and we’ll just charge an additional $5 on top as a service fee. Easy.

Is it important to put different posts on different social media networks?

Yes it is. Different networks have a different profile of person who uses it. Facebook users prefer posts that place your produch in the context of their lives. Instagram users love the dream of a better life with nicer things. Twitter users like conversation. And LinkedIn users like to be informed and educated.

Our “Diversify!” package includes different posts crafted separately for each network you’ve chosen, which will best suit those businesses who want to go the extra mile to really appeal-to and engage with their potential customers.

Can you do lead generation on social media?

Yes we can, however this is a function of our social media advertising packages. You can view them here.

What do you need to be able to post for my business

We will need just a few things to get started:

1. We will need to be added to your business profile on Facebook as an “Admin” as our systems require full acess to create your monthly reports.

2. We will need the username and password for your Instagram business profile.

3. We will need the username and password for your Twitter business profile.

4. We will need the username and password for your LinkedIn profile if you want us to post to your actual profile, or be added as an authorised administrator on your LinkedIn Company Page.

Then we will need to chat with you about the kind of look, feel and theme you wish for us to share on your profiles. And we’ll let you know what we need as far as photos, videos or interesting pieces of information from your business. Finally, we may share with your a plan for each month for the kinds of things we want to post for you – and what we’ll need from you to post them.

Who have you done social media work for before?

Our experience with social media management is extensive. From real estate agents to automotive companies, hospitality venues and hotels to cafes. We work with industry groups like the Real Estate Institute and the Australian Industry & Defence Network, through to large tourism bodies like Tourism Top End.

As at Novmeber 2019, we have around 40 ongoing clients we’re working with in various parts of Australia, and are working with as many as 30 other clients on a short term contract basis when it comes to social media.

And let’s not forget that we are accredited Facebook & Instagram trainers and Certified Facebook Blueprint Digital Marketing Associates. No other agency in Australasia is a credentialled in social media as we are.

Not sure what you need?

Let us help you work it out so you don’t get caught short – or spend more than you need to.

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