StoryBrand™ Style Brand Assessments in Australia

Understand who your client is, what their motivations are and how to connect better with them to produce the results you want for your business.

StoryBrand™ Assessments in Australia

Better understand your customer’s motivations

Get a clear statement to use in your marketing

Stand out in the market for the right reasons

Marketing is full of clever words and  witty one-liners. And it’s annoying our customers.

None of us got into business to be professional marketers. But in 2023, we’re expected to know how to build websites, run social media accounts and have brand messages that inspire people to buy from us. This would be fine if we knew where to start. And we usually start by trying to replicate what we grew up hearing on radio or seeing on television. Which makes us all cringe.

The whole process tends to leave us with many questions and not many answers. Which is why the StoryBrand™ method has been so instrumental in helping to clarify our messages.

Ask yourself the following questions:


How do I stand out in a world of competitors?


Where do I start with my website and marketing?


How can I show that I can be trusted by customers?


What would I even post on social media these days?

StoryBrand Assessment

A StoryBrand™ Assessment and Guide will give you tools that will make what you do online and in the real world make more sense to your customer.

  Understand the problems that your customer wants solved

  Know how to show them that you “get it”

  Express your expertise confidently and clearly

  Give customers a simple path to working with you

  Leave them with a way to recommend you to others

$500 + GST

Australian Dollars (AUD)

How does it work?

Step 1: The Questionnaire

This one-hour assessment involves a series of questions that we ask to assess who your customers are, how you solve their problems and what sets you apart from others.


Step 2: Your Brand Guide Report

We now go and build a Brand Guide for you that includes your messages, themes, how to explain yours business and some mockups of how you use this on a website and in your social media. 

Step 3: We review your report together

Now that you have your report, we come back together to discuss with you how to use your Brand Guide and answer any questions you have around what it all means and what’s next.

Step 4: Using your Brand Guide

You can now use the ideas in your Brand Guide to work on your website, your social media and in conversations with people about your business.

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