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Lies that social media people tell

Some of them don’t realise they’re lying because their information was gained in 2012 and they never bothered to update it since.
Some of them lie to get your business because they don’t know how to use any other system but the one they use.

Either way, they’re both dangerous when they’re taking your money to manage your social media. And despite social media managers claiming that here’s no qualifications for what they do because “it just takes experience,” there are qualifications, tests and certifications out there. It’s just that they don’t want to do them.

The 5 biggest lies that social media managers tell you

Lie #1:

Business should be all over Instagram

For all the social media people who missed out on the initial Facebook gold rush, Instagram was ripe for the pickings. Instagram became this place of gorgeousness and glamour where everyone was an influencer, every business was beautiful and run by someone with brand name heels, long hair, a flowy dress and a coy smile on a face turned just away from the camera so as not to look too seductive. Business got cute. And the only people making money out of it all were the social media managers telling this lie.

If you’re selling retail good that photograph really well (like fashion, accessories, shoes, makeup and homewares) then you’re in luck, because Instagram is perfect for that stuff. The same goes for restaurant, food trucks, resorts, hotels and real estate. Glamour is plentiful there.

If you’re a plumber, mechanic, electrician or are in personal services like counselling, or home services like cleaning or even commercial construction, Instagram just might not be for you… as you just don’t have a photogenic business.

Lie #2:

Ignore the likes numbers and just keep on posting!

This could be the worst advice I’ve ever heard from a social media manager. This kind of attitude is what has kept TV and radio advertising afloat some 10 years beyond its expiration date. The numbers of the one thing you really SHOULD be listening to! Like all digital marketing media, your analytics and insights on your posts, ads, videos and other content on social media is THE one source of truth for what is working and what isn’t.

While branding is very important, and a vital part of the journey towards commercial success on social media, it is just the START. If you’re still only branding yourself and being cute 12 months after starting down this path, then you’re in trouble. A solid marketing strategy involves multiple steps. It goes a little something like this:

  1. Brand yourself by creating curiosity in who you are and what you do
  2. Target those interested and in need of what you do with a matching product or service
  3. Gently guide your most interested leads in to buying what it is you do or sell

So many social media gurus and influencers get stuck at point 1 and run out of steam because it never develops that initial curiosity in to something more than curiosity. Make decisions about what you do on social media based on numbers first, then match that to your brand. Or go broke.

Lie #3:

Facebook is dead. Everyone’s moving to LinkedIn.

The only people saying this are the people who are trying to sell LinkedIn coaching services and bums on seats at LinkedIn workshops. Facebook and LinkedIn aren’t even in the same sandbox. We LOVE LinkedIn, but the bull being thrown around by LinkedIn fans right now is seriously misplaced. 

LINKEDIN: has 610 million monthly active users, 244 million of who visit it daily
FACEBOOK: has 2.7 billion monthly active users, 2.1 billion of who use it daily

That alone should be enough to hush the haters.

So who exactly are all these people moving to LinkedIn? Marketers. It’s the marketers, coaches and workshop hosts who are all moving to LinkedIn, because they are getting more attention from each other there.

Lie #4:

Like, Share & Comment To Win contests are fine!

They are soooooo not fine. Facebook and Instagram are explicit in their terms of use that.

1. Share this post to win: this is not allowed, and in fact, is really ineffective as so many people have locked down their privacy now, so asking them to share a post won’t actually go any further than their own eyes.

2. Like this post to enter: Same here. Facebook & Instagram state that you cannot use actions on their functions, timelines or social plugins as a prerequisite for entry in a contest.

3. Tag a friend to enter: Yep. Not allowed. This is a particularly annoying one because we all HATE being tagged in stuff that’s commercial.

4. Comment below to enter: As at the time of writing, this one is actually still allowed. And it’s actually the one that’s most likley to help your competition go viral as actions like comments carry much further in to friend networks.

So while there is a a whole lot you can’t do, there’s still at least one thing you can.

Lie #5:

Your reach will be less if you use Hootsuite, Buffer, etc.

Back in 2012 there was a mad panic as Twitter, in particular, started to buy up or shut down access to it’s network by third party tools. They were saying that you’ll get better reach if you post natively on their own platform. Facebook also looked at third party posting tools and considered throttling the onslaught of spammy material being posted to their platform. Instead, they developed a new API for third party developers to better authenticate people coming in to post from those others tools. This way they slowed the spam down, and users on Facebook got a more secure and safer experience on Facebook Pages.

But of course, marketers in all our panic and guesswork decided for ourselves that Facebook and Twitter were punshing us when we posted using these third party tools. When this rumour simply wouldn’t go away, Facebook, finally in 2015 stated unoquivocally that there is no difference between something posted via a third party tool and something posted directly on the platform as long as the third party tool was using correct authentication and API access.

So, there is no punishment for using Hootsuite, Buffer, Agorapulse, Dripwater or whatever else you like using to schedule your posts.

How do we know all this stuff?

It’s our job to know all this stuff.


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