A screenshot of Facebook's creator studio

Once upon a time you had to buy a third-party system to handle posting to multiple social media networks, but if you’re only posting to Facebook and Instagram you have a more in-house option.

A couple of years ago Facebook released their Creator Studio. A tool within Facebook itself that allows you to post to Facebook and Instagram, including Facebook stories from the desktop. And while you can’t post to Instagram stories just yet, it’s expected that this function will be coming before too long.

So what does Creator Studio do?

Your content library

Think of it as a library of all your posts and stories that you can measure, review and bring back again to reuse whenever you want. Let’s say you had this one amazing Instagram post that went crazy with likes and comments in October. You can look it up and bring it back top repost again in May if you like.

Creative tools

Creator Studio is also a great creative tool for getting more out of each post. You might load up a great photo to the system, but that’s not the end of the story. You can then add text, effects, filters and stickers to bring more interaction or fun to it before you post.

Go live with extra power

My personal favourite feature is the full-fat, full-sugar set of tools to go live on Facebook and Instagram. You can schedule a live video from here, add details to the post, connect the API to third party programs and do things like commenting and interacting while you’re live on Facebook and Instagram. All from the desktop. If you’re a bit of dinosaur like me and you like the idea of going live from your laptop rather than your phone in your shaky hand, then this is perfect for that bit of extra control.

If you’ve got Facebook, you’ve got Facebook Creator Studio. You can access it through your Business Suite or just Google Creator Studio and click through to it. It’s a great way to manage posts on Facebook as well as Instagram without having to buy an extra system to create and schedule your posts.