You don’t get a lot of space to write a bio on your Instagram profile biography, and it is the only place on Instagram that you can place a working web link. So apart from a link, what should you be putting on there?

First up, there is no one rule to rule them all when it comes to what to put in your Instagram bio. Well that’s not true really. The one rule I’d say there is, is to not get stuck on just one thing. Test different things. See what gets clicks or some kind of reaction and then keep testing new things. 

But until you’re ready to really get stuck in to that, here’s a few helpful hints to start out.

First up, you’ve got some space to work with there, so why not use it to lead people to somewhere that they can buy your stuff, or order your services? This is referred to as a “Call to action.” It’s literally as it says. It’s a bit of text calling out to your viewer to do something. Whether that’s to share their stuff using your hashtag, share your profile or click on the link to go to your store, the important thing is to take advantage of the human tendency to be a little bit monkey-see, monkey-do and just do as they’re told. The more literal amongst us need directing a very directive way. So direct us on where to go.

My only caveat on this bit is that you should regularly swap your call to action up with other calls to action. This way you can test what actions what work best for turning your followers into customers.

Next, try linking out to a landing page, rather than just a page on your website with your stuff on it. There’s plenty of options like AdPage, Instapage and even LinkedTree. They all loet you build a super-simple, very fast page that loads up a bunch of options for people to choose from, rather than being stuck on the slow-loading home page of your website. You can link off to your shop, your videos, your blog, your other social media. Whatever you like. They key is to make the link on your Instagram bio really count for something by making sure that people can do the thing you want them to do, quickly and easily once they do click on the link.

Finally, add a bit of formatting to your bio. A wall of words is just noise to the eye. But adding line breaks with some emoji to break things up will draw the eye and make things easier to read.