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Before you sign anything…

What to ask your web designer before you commit to anything.

Because not all websites (or web designers) operate the same way!

Website system market share, January 2020.

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Is my site being built in a common, well-supported system?

There are almost as many systems for designing websites as there are people designing them. However, not all website systems are equal. While some web people are offering websites using systems like Duda, Weblium, Joomla, Crazy Domains (run away from these!) or Drupal, you may find yourself stuck with that web designer in the futurewhen something goes wrong. 

  • In regional Australia, your web designer may be the only person in your region who knows how to use the system they’re building your site in, which leaves you vulnerable if things go sour with them
  • While a system like WordPress powers over 1/3 of the websites on the internet these days, systems like Joomla and Drupal run less than 3% of sites. Even more risky, a system like Duda isn’t even in the Top 15 systems and runs less than 0.9% of the websites on the internet – so you can imagine just how few people know how to support it!

Is my site being built by Australians? Or is it being sent offshore?

Outsourcing is vital these days to keep Aussie digital agencies competitive around the world. That said, Clickstarter only uses Australians to build our clients’ websites. And while we don’t think there is anything wrong with outsourcing – as we do some of it ourselves for some of our other business activities – you can just tell when a website has been sent offshore. It feels “unfinished.” The wording feels not-quite-right. And often the images used look like they’re taken straight out of the suburbs of Minneapolis, not Melbourne.

So while we don’t mind outsourcing, we don’t do it for our websites.

    Am I locked in to a web hosting contract?

    Often, we designers use the web hosting that is cheapest for them to buy and gives them the biggest margin when they resell it to you. Which means it’s not particularly fast, reliable or reputable.

    The problem with web hosting is that not all hosts run the same way. Some include backups, most don’t. Some are cheaper, some are more premium. Some have excellent support, others have none at all. And depending on where the hosts are located, you could be serving a website from Australia, the US, the UK or Ukraine for that matter.

    For the best performance, insist on premium providers like Ventra IP and Digital Pacific in Australia or Siteground in Singapore. American giants like Dreamhost, Hostgator, GoDaddy and even hosting via Telstra is just not up to scratch and when you really need help, your web designer may not even be around anymore.

    Is support included?

    Not all web designers are up-front about what they charge for support. So always make sure that ongoing support, updates, backups and help are quoted-for. “Free” support is a myth. You’re either paying extra for it up-front (which is why some websites cost $15,000 or more) or because it is free, your support and updates are the very lowest priority of your web designer once they’re done with your website.

    Always look for a quote that is honest and open about support. For decent support of your website, help with updating, applying of security patches and ensuring that your site is available over 99% of the time with backups just in case of something awful, expect to pay upwards of $29 per month.

    If you’re being told that support is included for free, then take that as a warning sign!

    Is it being build by a team or just one person?

    In the world of web design, there are some fancy names around. Like “boutique.” If a web design agency describes itself as “boutique” it’s usually a way of hiding the fact that they are just one person working from home on a laptop computer either barely scraping by, or building your website as a side-project when they’re not at their regular day job.

    Now this is important to know, because one person can be easily overwhelmed when they have a lot of work on, and lower paying jobs tend to get pushed the the end of the queue. This means your site build can go on and on and on. And when it comes time to get some help with your site once it’s gone live, it can be impposible to get hold of your web dessigner.

    You can skip the content below this line if you don’t wish to see Clickstarter’s Aussie WordPress website pricing and inclusions.


    Because your WordPress website is only as safe as it’s last software update and backup, Clickstarter will provide

    FREE updates to WordPress core system software, Divi, Elementor, and any plugins we have installed on your site as well as nightly backups on any of our WordPress packages hosted on Clickstarter servers,




    *Applies only to WordPress sites hosted by Clickstarter on Siteground, VentraIP, A2 or FastComet hosting from November 1, 2019. Requires installation of the WPMU or Jetpack plugins to facilitate remote updates and uptime monitoring. Any plugins installed after the initial setup cannot be updated. Any new themes installed after initial setup cannot be updated. Backups performed by our hosting services nightly and any restorations are performed within 24 hours. Please enquire for full details.

    Build Your Own WordPress Site

    You can get started yourself for FREE at WordPress.com. It’s where you can have a go at WordPress for yourself, see if it’s for you – and even work out if maybe you could even build your new site on your own!

    Sign up, choose your plan, choose a layout and start creating your new website.

    Paid plans start from $6 per month (AUD).

    Or Let Clickstarter Do It For You

    We’re not going to lie. If you’re not particularly geared towards computers and making things on the internet, then WordPress comes with a fairly steep learning curve when it comes to building a site yourself.

    If you’ve had a go at doing it yourself – or know that it’s not going to be your thing, don’t worry! We can do all the heavy-lifting for you and get your new website live within 30 days.

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