We’ve worked with a lot of businesses in regional Australia with a strong focus in the Northern Territory because that’s where we are based. And while our clients are in every state of Australia now, sometimes there are relationships we just build or maintain – or businesses that we can’t help.

We might not be a great fit if:

  • You just want to “set and forget” and trust that the money will just start flowing in. It’s not how business works
  • You are wanting to advertise a network marketing or MLM scheme on social media or Google
  • You are wanting to create a political website, political social media presence or advertise political messages
  • Your business is in financial trouble. We’d rather refer you to a great rescue bookkeeping service, Keeping Account, who can help get your finances in order
  • You want results immediately from your marketing. Turning a ship takes time, and if you’ve been sailing for a while now, no one marketing campaign is going to make that happen suddenly
  • You think that casual sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, misandry and jokes about other people’s religions are funny. They’re not.
  • You don’t have a budget of at least $1200 for a new website, or at least $550 a month for a marketing campaign. These are the bare minimum that it takes to get a decent result in the digital world
  • You just want to be told that your ideas are all wonderful and that your success is assured. We would hate it if someone was like this with us. So we opt for honesty, because when you’re honest about yourself and your business, you’re in a far better place to grow
  • You want to blatantly lie or mislead in your website or digital marketing activities
  • You are from a very large company looking to outsource your marketing. Our business is scaled to work with small-to-medium businesses
  • You are based in a large metropolitan area like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth. We have chosen to work with businesses in regional centres, country, rural and remote communities. It’s what we know best, and where our heart is.
  • You are wanting to become an “influencer.” Our aim is get results. Not fancy selfies.

We’re not fussy. And we don’t have a preconception of who our client is. We just know who we work best with. The best part is that you probably don’t fit in to any of the above. So… let’s talk!