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Wix Websites

Easy to Use. Easy to Update. Lots of Extras.
You’re going to love all the extra things you can do in Wix.

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Wix has taken the world by storm with it’s amazing system for building, adding stunning layouts, extending functionality and providing a no-worries service. Want a simple website? No problem. Wix can do that. Want to add some complex functions? Yep. Wix does that too. Want to take control of your site? Wix lets us maintain control of your site for you – or hand it over to you entirely if you want it!

Click to see what amazing extra things you can do with Wix

Let’s say you want to take bookings for your services. Wix has a build-in premium add-on for that. Got a hotel and want to take room bookings? Yep. Wix has that too. Want to manage all orders and relationships with your customers in your website? Wix has a great little customer relationship managment tool. Want to sell products online? Wix has a premium add-on for that too.

Whether you want a Members Only section, paid subscriptions, downloadable video and audio – or you just want to make sure that you can easily send newsletters to your customers, Wix has all the power to make your online life a lot easier.

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Let’s face it, you could probably work out how to build your own Wix website. But it takes time. Time that you should be putting in to your business, family or relaxing.

Clickstarter works closely with Wix to produce beautiful, functional websites with all the extras you could need.

We’ll set up your site for you, configure all the technical bits and make sure it’s ready to go, optimised for Google and submitted to all the right directories.

Then, whenever you need to update something, we can show you how to do it – or just leave it to us, as it’s already included in your monthly package.

Build Your Own Wix Site

You can get started yourself for FREE at Wix.com. It’s where you can have a go at Wix for yourself, see if it’s for you – and even work out if maybe you could even build your new site on your own!

Sign up, choose your plan, choose a layout and start creating your new website.

Paid plans start from $10 per month (USD).

Or Let Clickstarter Do It For You

If you’re not particularly geared towards computers and making things on the internet, then Wix comes with a moderate learning curve when it comes to building a site yourself.

If you’ve had a go at doing it yourself – or know that it’s not going to be your thing, don’t worry! We can do all the heavy-lifting for you and get your new website live within 30 days.

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