WordPress websites built for growth right here in Darwin.

When you need a little more flexibility and control, WordPress is the choice for you.


We have built over 400 WordPress websites over the last seven years. In fact our own website is made using WordPress.

What you get with our WordPress sites

All off-the-shelf lifetime plugins and themes

  • There’s no subscriptions to pay for software, plugins or themes unless you need us to find you a specific paid plugin
  • We use Divi Builder for all our sites so they are quicker to build and easier to update.

All software, theme and plugins updates

  • WordPress might be the most popular website system, but it’s also the most hacked. We prevent that from happening by running daily updates on all sites that we’re hosting.

Our premium hosting in Australia

  • We only build and support websites on hosting that we know can handle them. We will only use Synergy Wholesale / Ventra IP hosting for it’s reliability and security.

A website that can grow as your business does.

Set up for Google search

We ensure that the writing on your website is made to be found on Google and that your website is technically setup to maximise your position on Google search

Premium webhosting for $275 per year

Your only recurring cost aside from your domain name is our premium website hosting that includes up to three reasonable support calls and changes per year.

From $3300 +GST

Australian Dollars

What’s included with each website

The building of your pages

 You can have a Home Page, a Products or Services page, an About Us page, Contact Page an even an Articles page if you like.

StoryBrand™ Design

We do a quick questionnaire about your business and target customers and design the home page to be as compelling as it can be.

A.I. & SEO Copywriting

We will write the content of your site with you with help of artificial intelligence to read clearly to your customers and help you get found.

Stock & A.I. Generated Images

We use both Canva’s extensive library of stock photos and graphics along with the flexibility of MidJourney generated images.

How does it work?

Check out our list of example sites

Take a look at what’s possible with examples we’ve built along with others from around the world by other people.

Ask us any upfront questions

Not sure about something? Need some clarification?Want know if you specific requirements can be accommodated?

Book your first hour

By booking your first hour and paying up-front, we save on chasing payment and we can get started as soon as you see a date and time you like!

Frequently Asked Questions about our Google Sites

Do I need web hosting?

No, Google hosts the site and the web builder for free. You don’t need to buy we hosting from anyone with one of these websites.

Do you have a call centre I can call for more info?

We’re a small business in Darwin. Unfortunately, we don’t have the staff just yet to put on someone to answer the phones. But you can email us at any time via [email protected]. Or if you prefer, send us a message via our Facebook Page. We answer both as quick as we can – but the best way to get on a call with us is to book a time for  a chat.

Can I have an online store?

Google Sites doesn’t include e-commerce functions on their sites. But you can use external services like Shopify which can allow you to embed your products in your Google Site. We don’t provide this service, though.

Can't I just do all this myself?

You sure can! And we encourage you to do it to save money if you think you have got enough time to work it out all for yourself.

We’ve found that our client will save around 10 hours of work on their website when they do it with us.

How much is 10 hours at your hourly rate?

Do I need a domain name?

Technically you don’t. However, your Google Sites web address will be long and difficult to remember. As part of the setup, we will help you to choose, purchase and configure your domain name. It currently costs $18 a year.

Do I get an email address?

We don’t provide an email service for your domain. However, Google Workspace is a professional email service from Google. It will allow you have an email address using your new domain name from $9 per month for each email address. Ask us when building your site and we can help set this up for you.

Do I own my website?

Yes, you own the website. You can choose to leave us with access to help you out in the future, but you have full control of building, changing, updating and even shutting down your own website.

What if I need help?

If you completely delete your website, we cannot restore it. And neither can Google. However if you do need a hand with updating or making changes, we provide support for you at $200 per hour (or $50 per 15 minutes) when needed. We don’t expect that you’ll need help though, as Google Sites is very easy to use system.

What's the difference between this and WordPress?

WordPress is the fishing equivalent of throwing a grenade in the water. Sure, you’ll catch a lot of fish, but it’s way too much power for someone who only wants to catch one fish. WordPress is awesome. Our own website is built in it! But it requires web hosting and lots of added extras that make the sites look great and have additional functions. Our own website costs us nearly $1000 a year to maintain! Very few small businesses need this kind of power for their website.

What are you so much cheaper than the others?

Simple. It takes us only 3 hours to build a website with you using Google Sites. It can take up to 20 hours to build sites on WordPress, Joomla, Duda, Squarespace and Wix.

We also designed our service for small businesses who don’t have the money to spend $10,000 on a website that looks and works no better than the ones we make for $750.

Can I get a grant to pay for the website?

The NT Government offers a Business Growth Program grant that will pay for up to 75% of your new website (correct at the time of writing this). You must use an approved provider on the program’s panel. We are part of this panel.